sexually transmitted infections research paper amp amp powerpoint

Research Paper:

Write a 5 APA page paper based on the topic you have picked for your “Human Sexuality” power point presentation. Your target audience for the presentation is a group of people that need more information about certain a “human sexuality” topic. In this paper explain why you choose this topic and why it is important to this group. Include citations from journal articles, our book, or other scholastic sources. Be sure to view course rubric for details

Identify a significant sexual health issue from an ecological/environmental perspective: Significance is based on criteria used to describe and understand health issues: Occurrence, distribution, frequency, morbidity, mortality.

Be sure to include:

  • Thesis: your original thoughts regarding this sexual health issue
  • Introduction to the problem and its significance
  • Description of the sexual health issue (occurrence, distribution, etc.) and how specific environments affect that issue
  • Any future recommendations
  • Conclusion: recapitulation of the thesis
  • Reference page


These presentations are to contain up to 10 PowerPoint slides. They can be as creative as you want them to be as long as they relate to the topic. Develop a 7-10 slide PPT lecture titled “Human Sexuality.”

Be sure to include video clips, graphics, a quiz, anything to make the “lecture” interesting. Be sure to view course

shell for details and rubric.

** Complete Research and powerpoint with the same topic: Sexually Transmitted Infections **