set theory discussion post


I struggle with Math and haven’t taken a Math class in over 8 years. I have to describe how set theory applies to my life and career but I do not understand set theory. I am in the military so don’t know how I can relate it to my job.

Here is the discussion question:

Set theory is used in a wide range of applications, from everyday life to advanced research in science and medicine. For our everyday use, set theory can be applied to areas like organizational tasks. For example, a retail business may use sets and subsets to make stores easier to navigate by grouping similar items together.

The recommended readings in this module present applications of set theory to computer science and medical research. Boicea, Truică, Rădulescu, and BuÅŸe (2018) discuss how concepts like set operations can be used to compare sampling algorithms, while in the second recommended reading the authors work with Venn’s diagrams in the diagnosis of pleural tuberculosis.

In 200-300 words describe how in detail an application of set theory that is familiar to you. Explain why this use of sets, subsets, set operations, or Venn’s diagrams is relevant in your life or for society in general.

I attached required readings/references. Please use an additional scholarly reference to support response.

Please respond within 3 hours.

Thank you!