select video and write a paper

Choose two of the following TED talks (maximum of 2!). For each talk, write a one page (double spaced) reflection on the talk. No need to summarize the content — I have already seen the videos. No need to follow normal essay rules (e.g., no intro paragraph, no heading). I am interested in your critical analysis of the ideas presented. Assignments will not be graded traditionally. They will receive a “check” or a “check plus,” based on quality of thoughtful analysis. A check is worth additional 2 percentage points on your final quiz average and a check plus is worth 4 points on your final quiz average.

Dan Ariely, Our buggy moral code. (Social psychology researcher who studies cheating behavior.)

Michael Porter, The case for letting business solve social problems. (Business strategy researcher best known for 5 forces framework in competitive environment.)

Ray Anderson, The business logic of sustainability (founder and chairman of one of the largest carpet manufacturers)

Jonathan Haidt, The moral roots of liberals and conservatives (business ethics researcher).

Janet Stovall, How to get serious about diversity and inclusion in the workplace (advocate and speechwriter).