second language acquisition essay

The challenge is to find three articles that make sense to review together and that relate to each other. Read the abstracts, and then from there you can begin to figure out which articles tie into each other well. Here are the topics from which to choose:

 Noticing during processing
 Corrective feedback
 Interaction
 Age related acquisition

In your paper, you will first review the theoretical framework or frameworks within which they couch their studies, then summarize each article one by one, then come to some sort of a conclusion. Is there a consensus in the findings? If so, demonstrate clearly how the studies are linked together. If not, how are the findings different. In either case, what are the conclusions?

Your paper should be around 9-10 pages long (double spaced, 12pt font) not including the references page. This calculates to about 2 pages for the theoretical framework discussion, 2 pages for each article summary, and two pages for the conclusion.