sci210 environmental science 4



Please watch videos 1 through 9 below. Then, on a Word Document that you will submit for this lesson, answer questions 1 through 12 below. Please answer each question using 2 to 3 sentences. You may use more if needed. Some additional quick research on the internet may be needed to answer some questions.


1. Recycling in Burkina Faso

2. Tracking E-Waste

3. MRF Facility Tour

4. CarbnLite Facility Tour

5. China’s Recycling Ban and World Recycling Markets

6. REI OptOutside Advertisement Video 2019

7. Zero Waste With Bea Johnson on CCTV

8. A Zero Waste Restaurant

9. Loop from Terracycle. Is this the solution to our “throw-away culture”?

Note; Activities may be changed by the instructor based on student need.

Questions to answer:

From video 1

1. How is the recycling initiative in Burkina Faso benefiting the local population?

From video 2

2. What is the problem with E-waste and how is it hard to tackle? What solutions would you recommend to this problem?

From video 3

3. In a sentence or two, please explain what happens at an MRF? Were you surprised to see how an MRF works, why or why not?

From video 4

4. Have you every purchased something made from recycled plastic bottles? Were you aware of how this plastic is processed and recycled?

From video 5

5. Why has China significantly restricted what recycled material is allowed into the country?

6. How has China’s waste restrictions as explained in the video affected worldwide recycling markets?

From video 6

7. What is the message behind REI’s optoutside campaign as it relates to the commercial from this video?

8. Please look up the outdoor clothing company Patagonia. How is that company’s actions regarding “black Friday” similar or different from REI.

From video 7

9. What were you surprised about with regards to Bea Johnson’s zero waste lifestyle?

10. What zero waste/low waste habits could you incorporate at home or work that might reduce your generation of waste?

From video 8

11. What type of initiatives have been implemented at Silo restaurant to ensure a zero waste operation?

From video 9

12. Is the Loop program from Terracycle a viable solution for reducing our consumption of resources and generation of waste? Why or why not?