Santa Maria de Ovila –

Santa Maria de Ovila
Order Description
A focus on how the changing contexts of works of art and their physical transformation over time and space affect their meaning. A basic premise is that no work
appears to us as it was originally conceived, nor necessarily where intended to be seen; that it undergoes many changes in the course of its existence, from
displacement to deliberate alteration and natural degradation, and that the viewer’s response is necessarily variable and contingent. Since the museum features
prominently in the shifting contextual history of many works, a number of its functions will be considered, notably acquisition, conservation, and installation.
The story of this monastery is a prime example of the sort of changes to meaning and context explored above. Below are the key issues:
?Context: Fragments, Site displacement, Relocation, Repatriation, Archaeological context, Intellectual context
?Change of purpose and value of connoisseurship: Re-use, forgeries, copies, Appropriation, Changes in narrative, interpretation, Changes in taste
?Ownership: Implications for meaning and response, Museological issues, Life of objects in museums
?Trauma: Archaeological vandalism/theft
?Unintentional physical changes: Collateral damage of: War, Indifference
Several aspects of the monument that relate to changes of context (relocation, displacement), purpose (religious, interpretative), trauma (dismantling, borderline
illegal methods), and indifference (Golden Gate park resting place).
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