revise to follow apa style format 1

I wrote 6000words research paper “how Social Network affect on the election in Japan”. It have to follow APA style format and I completed the requests 1,2 3, but I don’t have a confidence that I followed 4 and 5. Therefore, I’d like to improve my paper as APA style format carefully.

The instructor requires:

  1. The draft must incorporate direct quotations or brief paraphrases from a minimum of 25 sources.
  2. The draft must contain a minimum of 6,000 words, not including your title page or reference list.
  3. The draft must contain a reference list accurately citing all of the sources you reference in the paper.
  4. Each instance of borrowed information must include an in-text citation which follows APA’s guidelines.
  5. You need to review APA’s guidelines for using subheadings.

The Instructor’s Comment:

APA requires more than simply listing the author’s last name and the year if pulbication. You must first start by revising your reference page and all the citations in it. Then you need to make sure that each in-text citation matches whatever information is listed at the beginning of the full citation. Not all sources have an author. You do not consistently match the in-text citations to the full citations. In many insutances of your in-text citations, it is very difficult to determine which full citations they match.

When you meet with a knowledgeable tutor, first revise all of your full citations from your references to follow APA’s citation guidelines. Then have your tutor help you go through your entire paper to revise in-text citations. After that point, you need to review APA’s guidelines for using subheadings.