review the information below and write a complete response minimum 800 words

Instructions: Review the information below and provide a full and complete response to Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Your response should be a minimum of 800 words and include ideas discussed in our textbook as well as in class.

Attachments below are the information from the textbook (Gundling, E. and Zanchettin, A. (2010). Global Diversity: Winning Customers and Engaging Employees within World Markets. Nicholas Brealey Publishing ISBN: 9781904838265)

Do not use any references other than the textbook.

Role: One of several Managers from the U.S. undergraduate student (HSPM major)

Business: Philz Coffee

Mission Statement of Philz Coffee :

Location: Singapore

Challenge: Opening the first Philz Coffee Shop in Singapore

Understand Singapore/ Understand PHILZ

Research both to have a good understanding of the company and the country.

Situation-You and several of your classmates from have opened the first Philz Coffee shop in Singapore. As your first international experience in managing staff, you have had the full support of Philz Coffee to equip your store and train your employees. Philz requires that your staff be 25% US and 75% Singapore residents.

Problem -Your team has worked hard to make the store successful, and all has gone well until now. You have received some negative feedback on social media about the service. The staff has had trouble getting along and the customers are starting to feel and see this. Bottom line your staff is not working well together and is in need of some team building. Recent posts have been:

“Staff members are not friendly to each other are rude.”

“My server was really angry and not happy to work with me.”

“I heard the staff using bad language and I left because I didn’t feel comfortable with my children there.”

The great benefit that you have as a group of managers is that some of you speak the local languages of Malay and Chinese, so you will have some ability to communicate with your staff and overcome the language challenges and gain a faster understanding of the culture. This mix of workers still has many cultural and communication challenges for you to discover and overcome.

Part 1- Your Management Style

Identify the kind of management style and role that will work best in this situation and please explain why? (For example, will you simply give them a policy and command they follow it, or will you try to understand the reasons your team isn’t getting along?)

Part 2 – Solve the Problem

How will you solve the problem within your team? How will you have teamwork better together and not lose key members? Please explain how you will address this problem for both quick results and for the long term. One meeting will not be enough to solve the problem.

Remember, Philz Inc. wants you to have at least 25% of your employees in the first year be from the US.

Part 3 – Address Social Media

You need to address your social media complaints and do so quickly before it starts impacting all the success the store has had this year. Would you respond to these postings (above)? Would you find another way to promote your store and overcome these negative messages? Please explain in detail how you would handle the Social Media negative comments.