Response to “Wisdom in a Bottle” –

Response to “Wisdom in a Bottle”
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This is a argument essay. Mainly the sources comes from the textbook The Craft of Argument, 3rd ed. (ISBN: 0321453271) and another one from outside source.
Here is the instruction:
You are to respond to Camille Paglia’s essay “Wisdom in a Bottle.” (449).
Paglia, always an iconoclast, calls our colleges “summer camps” run by “Big Mommy and Big Daddy.”
Respond especially to the sentence “Binge drinking is a Dionysian response to Apollonian overcontrol in another area of life.” Make sure you know the terms. How do they apply to the treatment of
college students in Paglia’s world?
She contends that “European universities would never dream of meddling in their students’ private lives.” First, is that accurate? And if it is, why do you think American universities feel
compelled to meddle? Some answers may be found in her essay. But you are free to do some outside reading if you think that helps.