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The case of Virginia v. Moore was determined by the United States Supreme Court that there was no violation to Mr. Moore’s civil rights, despite the unprofessionalism, because they knew that he m finding controlled substances, which added additional charges. It was essentially ruled that if the police had the knowledge that the defendant was committing a motor vehicle violation, then they had the right to stop him and check for the probable cause that led to his arrest. This discussion will be determined by thought and opinion on the situation of this case.

Racial Profiling

Racial profiling is when someone is being stopped or investigated based on their perceived race, ethnicity, national origin, or religion. It is important to understand that racial profiling is illegal, because it violates the U.S. Constitution’s core promises that require equal protection under the law that allows freedom from unreasonable searches. When law enforcement focuses on racial profiling, it potentially alienates them from communities, which may hinder their police effort and lose credibility and trust. (ACLU, 2019.) Under any circumstances, racial profiling should be illegal, especially when the individual has not displayed any sort of criminal act. Racial profiling has always been a huge thing, and in today’s world, it has not seemed to change that much. Many people may not experience, so they do not give much thought, but African Americans live in this world that they really need to think or worry about it. A person that faces these ordeals may experience the price emotionally, psychologically, mentally, financially, or physically. (Ontario Human Rights Commission, n.d.) Having the knowledge of what racial profiling is and the effects that it will have on individuals that are affected by it, then there is no question that it should be illegal. Although, many statistics have displayed that minorities play a role in certain crimes, does not give law enforcement the right to pass judgment on an individual for the color of the skin, ethnicity, religion, or any difference they may have. Law enforcement should follow proper protocol and run plates, or run names to determine status of an individual, and not base their findings on the suspects appearance. This may be a longer process, but it respects the individuals and keeps the trust and respect towards law enforcement.

Opinion on Racial Profiling, even if it was a Motor Vehicle Violation

Even if the officer was racial profiling, if they did the proper protocol on running plates and name, then their stop should be justified. Any officer that has provided valid reason for a stop, they wouldn’t state their true meanings. If the officers have found an individual that is a criminal, oir in this situation, an individual with a suspended license, then they have valid reason to pull over the person and do a legal search of vehicle, because that individual surrendered their right by breaking the rule of driving, which gives the officers the right to search their vehicle.

Legitimate Reason

Under any circumstance, there is no legitimate reason for racial profiling, unless it has led to find an individual that has committed a crime. There needs to be proof and assurance that the reason that they arrested and pressed charges against the individual were solely based on the crimes that person committed.

Impact on Communities

Racial profiling has many effects on the community, because it not disrupts the trust and well-being of everyone that may be determined by the certain stereotype. When an individual is racial profiled, then they experience mental or physical problems, because they are distinguished on their appearance than how they actually are. When they are left to feel this way, they are left to experience helplessness and hopelessness.