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please respond to the following with 200 words

Based on the information you learned from the Virtual Lab School Website:

1. How would you respond to the scenario below?

2. After you have posted your response, reply to the post of at least one other learner, elaborating on what they have posted.

Remember: While personal experiences provide valuable insight, remember, your primary focus should be discussing what you have learned from the assigned readings.


At your school, teachers must rotate once every other week with playground duty, which involves being out on the playground during lunch time and helping to monitor the activities of students on the playground. One day on your shift right before the bell is to ring to signal the end of lunch recess, a student from your class comes up to and tells you that Jon ( another student from your class) is standing over in the corner and has been throwing rocks, at both the building and in the general direction of other students. As you walk over to where Jon is you, you see that he now has a big rock his hand. You first ask Jon to put down the rock and he refuses to comply – stating “you can’t make me.”