response a video

Watch the video found in the web link module, called Wynton Marsalis: Hanks Lecture.

In this video Wynton establishes, in a convincing manner, his new role as ambassador of American culture. During his speech he connected the dots, in a very stream of conscious fashion, between Mark Twain, Dance, American history and most importantly American music focusing specifically on Jazz and jazz DNA.

Watch up to the 22:30 mark in the video. Write a response article (550-600 words) on the content of Wynton’s speech. Did it succeed in getting its point across? What was that point specifically? What role did the music example play in the speech? Were they necessary? What part does the jazz DNA play in the concept and content of the speech? Does Wynton make a convincing advocate for the American arts and culture?

Your informed opinions are the centerpiece of your article, however, use specifics from the speech to support your thoughts.

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