research paper in kinesiology

the research topics Fasting and exercise , basal/resting metabolic rate, The effects of fasting and exercising /resting metabolic rat, fasting in general and then fasting Ramadan, the effects of aerobic activity on the human body, aerobic training while fasting.



A-level qualities (90-100)

Exceeds Expectations


B-level qualities (80-89)

Meets Expectations


C-level qualities (70-79)

Meets Some Expectations


F-level qualities (below 70)

Below Expectations

Proposal Objectives

Objectives are well articulated; Introduces and presents paper effectively and clearly; purpose is apparent to the reader

Objectives are adequately articulated; Introduces and presents paper adequately; purpose is not consistently clear throughout the paper

Objectives are unclearly defined; Introduces and presents paper somewhat effectively; writing has a clear purpose but may sometimes digress from it

Objectives are poorly defined; Introduces and presents paper poorly; purpose is generally unclear

Project Methods and Overall Design

-Project Design is clear, logical and well written

-Methods is clearly outlined and sufficient to meet the proposed objectives

-Develops paper as assigned, providing a robust and accurate summary of analysis of chosen research topic; critiques ideas with great insight and shows a thoughtful, in-depth analysis of each

-Design is coherent but slightly disorganized; method is outlined and adequate to address the proposed objectives

-Develops paper as assigned with a full and effective summary and analysis of chosen topic; offers a thoughtful critique and an adequate analysis of chosen topic

-Design is disordered and vague, methods are stated but don’t meet objectives

-Does not fully develop paper as assigned, may fail to provide an accurate summary or an effective analysis of chosen topic; analysis of the chosen topic is basic or general

Design is poorly written and incoherent; methods are inadequate to meet the purpose of the objective.

-Paper is undeveloped and completely ignores or misunderstands analysis of chosen topic; paper does not relate to the assignment; analysis of the topic is vague or there is no evidence that the writer understands content

Documentation and support

Ideas are supported effectively by research and sources are clearly attributed

Ideas are generally supported by research and paper includes clear attribution

Chosen topic understanding may be present, but research sources are questionable or style is incorrect; some statements are unsubstantiated and the source of some ideas is unclear

Chosen topic is missing, or research sources given are poorly chosen, or sources have not been used

Portfolio and Progress

Several clear drafts are present.This work shows a very strong portfolio of progressively improving work.Significant effort is shown.

Some drafts are present.This work shows a reasonable portfolio of progressively improving work.Good effort is shown.

Limited drafts are present.This work shows a limited portfolio of work.Some effort is shown.

Very little evidence of drafting exist.This work shows a very poor portfolio of work.Poor effort is shown.


Arranges ideas clearly and logically to support the purpose or argument; ideas flow smoothly and are effectively linked; reader can follow the line of reasoning

Arranges ideas adequately to support the purpose or argument; links between ideas are generally clear; reader can follow the line of reasoning for the most part

Arranges ideas adequately, in general, although ideas sometimes fail to make sense together; reader remains fairly clear about what writer intends

Arranges ideas illogically; ideas frequently fail to make sense together; reader cannot identify a line of reasoning and becomes frustrated or loses interest

Writing mechanics and APA Format

-Writing demonstrates a sophisticated clarity, conciseness, and correctness

-Uses APA format accurately and consistently

-Writing is accomplished in terms of clarity and conciseness and contains only a few errors

-Uses APA format with minor violations

-Writing lacks clarity or conciseness and contains numerous errors

-Reflects incomplete knowledge of APA format

-Writing is unfocused, rambling, or contains serious errors

-Does not use APA format