research paper for music appreciation class

topic- any music related topics in the areas of instrument history, composers, performers, orchestras, well known instrument makers, therapy, business, genre history( musical, opera, symphony, concerto, mass, chant, etc.)

Source material: A minimum of four appropriate sources are require, with no more than one encyclopedia or dictionary entry included. Wiki sites are off limits, but other quality websites can be used as deemed appropriate. Of course, book and journal sources are encouraged.

Length: body paper must be minimum 1000 words max 1,250

Writing: you are expected to paraphrase from sources into oyen words. A max of 3 short quotes (properly prepared and cited) are allowed as long as they don’t begin or end the paper. Plagiarism is unacceptable. A formal writing style is required, so first person writing is not acceptable. Avoid the “I “ word

Format: word document in either MLA air APA formatting. Will require 12-point times new Roman or arial don’t 1” margins and double spaced.