research one of the fabrication method/material combination –

As part of this project each group member will research one of the fabrication method/material combination listed with your group’s selected part, such that all four are reviewed and each member is
expected to be able to describe how the method is performed in at least one full page of the technical report and a slide of the final presentation. Each of the background research sections will be
submitted individually prior to the final due date of the project, and combined for the final report.
Please do not forget to utilize resources such as the Engineering Library, and Engineering Librarians in addition to the internet. It is expected that each member find at least 4 sources that are
cited in their individual background portion, and at least two of these sources have to be from a journal article or conference proceedings.
My fabrication method that you should use for the research is Composite (fiberglass/carbon fiber). I only need half a page.
1 Introduction The assigned first project of the semester is to analyze different ways to build the same replacement part and to recommend which method should be used. There are several possible
parts to be considered by each group and one part analyzed, as listed below:
1. Replacement Automotive Bumper o Additive Manufacture ■ Steel ■ Aluminum o Conventional Manufacture ■ Aluminum ■ Composite (fiberglass/carbon fiber)