Republican Presidential Primary Debate 2015 –

Republican Presidential Primary Debate 2015
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You will provide a short analysis of the interaction of group members during the Republican Presidential Primary Debate 2015 held on 6 Augusut 2015. Refer to the following 10 questions to prepare the essay.
Briefly describe what group meeting you observed as well as where and when the meeting took place. [For example, “I observed the Killeen City Council meeting on March 1, 2005 at Killeen City Hall.]
What organizational plan was employed? [For example, Parliamentary Procedure was employed with the reading of the minutes, old business, new business, etc.]
How were the decisions made? [For example, majority rule, consensus, leader-dictated, etc.]
How was information about topics gathered? [For example, research was provided by group members, research was provided by staff or outsiders, or testimony was provided, etc]
Was there a formal designated leader? Did certain members seem to play particular roles and assume specific responsibilities? [For example, the Mayor was the leader of the City Council.]
Were there conflicts or disagreements between group members and/or outsider sand how were they resolved? [For example, some council members wanted to annex property into the city limits, while some other council members as well as the citizens testifying, were opposed. The council decided to discuss the issue in executive session.]
Did the group tend to digress (get off the topic)? Did someone get them back to the subject, and if so, who did so?
Did the group seem thorough and complete in its treatment of the subjects that it addressed?
Were the group members clear in expressing themselves by phrasing their ideas carefully and by presenting their ideas in a vivid manner?
Would you personally feel comfortable addressing this group? Why or why not? Explain.