religion assignment 14

As we start coming to the close of our course, I would like us to start thinking about the similarities and differences between the various traditions that we have studied so far.

For this discussion, I want you to review the readings that we have done for Christianity, and find a reading from one of the other traditions that we have studied so far that you think conveys a similar theme, teaching, or style. (You could also use another reading from Christianity or any of other traditions, if you read ones other than the assigned ones)

What do you think is similar about the two readings? Do they offer a similar teaching? Do they talk about the same theme (i.e. kindness, the divine, how we should live in the world, faith, how we should treat others, etc.)? How are they different (i.e. do they talk about the same theme but give different overall messages? do they use different metaphors? styles of

?)? Then think about how reading these two passages together, comparing them, can help you to understand each one better. After looking at them together, did you notice anything new or different about the readings that you didn’t notice beforehand?

Your initial response must be at least 300 words and include two direct quotations from the reading (along with the page numbers for the