Relational Database Management Systems Project week 5 –

Relational Database Management Systems Project week 5
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Tasks (New Content for Week 5)
I will upload the contents from Week 1-4.
Database administration is an important element of database planning. Security and performance issues need to be considered prior to the actual implementation of the database in the production environment. Write a Database Administration Plan document of 4–5 pages for the case study organization. Complete the following:
• Use data control language (DCL) to control access to the data by writing structured query language (SQL) statements to add a group of 5 users who have been granted permission to perform specific system privileges (CREATE object) and object privileges (INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE, and EXECUTE).
• Write the SQL-stored procedures that will support the efficient execution (using COMMIT and ROLLBACK) of 3 transactions (INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE) in the database.
• Generate an execution plan for each query created in the Week 4 IP and provide a performance analysis of the results of each plan.
o Provide a screenshot of the execution plan for each query.
o In your analysis, discuss which queries you would change, including how and why you would change the queries.
• Create a backup plan under the full recovery model and provide a rationale for your model.
• Be sure to cite your sources in-text and in the References section by using APA style.
• Add the Week 5 IP to the database system plan and complete the plan (incorporating feedback as needed).
• Name the document as follows:
o yourname_IT610_IP5.doc
• Submit the document for grading