reflection paper 502

The course reflection paper is your last assignment for the course. It should describe the personal impact of the course in 3 or more pages. It could be a summary of insights and reactions regarding your decision appraisal reports. It could focus on the course as a whole, or on some aspect of the course. For example, you may wish to describe what it was like to have classmates appraise your inquiry process on a specific decision, or you may wish to discuss the development of your own statement of core values. You may wish to focus on what it was like to model a decision mathematically, or perhaps on insights gained through greater attention to dialogue processes. In any case, the paper should reflect a deep knowledge of aspects of the course content, as well as personal experience related to acquiring that knowledge, how it has affected you, and how it could affect you in the future. You are encouraged to keep an experiential journal throughout the course to capture insights to relate in this paper.

Book: Think Fast and Slow