read the book and answer following questions

Questions: (Read the page number from 244-247, and document 2-4 to answer these answers).

1. How did Americans define Communism during the Cold War?

2. How did the search for Communism become so powerful?

3. Do you think the Cold War was more about foreign or domestic policy?

Questions:(Read page 265-268 to answer these questions).

(in your notebook) 1. Why were white Americans against integration and the Voting Rights Act? What were their arguments (hint: simply saying “They were racist” is not a good enough of a response. Please cite the sources)

Also, please note that I ask this question not because I want you to see validity in their arguments, but because I want you to better understand the history of racism and what the “logic” behind it was. Understanding racism of the past can help dismantle it in the present.

(In your notebook) 2. How do the primary sources change the law but not the culture? Compare primary sources to illustrate the conflicts.

Read page number 290-293, 310-311 to answer these questions.

(In your notebook)1. What were the arguments for and against the war?

(in your notebook) 2. Where do we see examples of class divisions in the protests and social commentary around the war? (cite specific instances)

Questions to answer:(Read the page number 337-341, and pg 357-358 to answer these questions

(in your notebook) 1. How are these conservatives a reaction to the liberalism of the 1950s and 1960s?

(in your notebook) 2. How do they characterize “liberalism”?

(in your notebook) 3. What solutions do they offer to the “problems” they discuss in their sources?