re write the short paper basic on my first draft

Short Paper (25%): For this assignment you will go to a public diplomacy event either on or off campus. Please attach proof of your attendance to your paper. The event can be an international cultural festival, international film festival, culture show, public diplomacy related discussion. Several upcoming events in Orange County and Los Angeles area will be posted on the EEE website. You are not limited to these events and should find other events that are of interest to you. After attending an event, in no less than 800 words give a short account of the event from a public diplomacy perspective. Explain why you think such an event was organized, why and in what ways it is a public diplomacy event, what type of public diplomacy event would it be categorized in, give a conceptual background of that public diplomacy category and analyze the success of the event. Please refer to assigned readings by: Joseph Nye, Nicholas J. Cull and Arsenault & Cowan in analyzing the PD activity. Be analytical and engage in a meaningful discussion. Do not be descriptive. You can submit the assignment as early as possible, anytime after you attend an event. (Include student name and a title for the essay, use Times New Roman, Justified text, 1,5 space, 800-1000 words, include word count). Grading rubric: PD theory: 30 pts, Analysis: 30 pts, Assessment of the event: 20 pts, References: 10 pts, Word count: 5 pts, Proof of attendance (copy of ticket, selfie etc): 5 pts. HARDCOPY ONLY. DUE DECEMBER 5.