quiz weekly quiz 2

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  1. A dermatome:
    A. Overlaps with other dermatomes
    B. Is an area on the skin that sends input to the same dorsal root of the spinal cord as other dermatomes
    C. Is innervated by multiple spinal nerves
    D. Is innervated by peripheral nerves and does not overlap with other dermatomes

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  1. Which statement about sensory cortical maps is true?
    A. If a body part is surgically removed, its designated area of the cortical map will remain.
    B. Cortical maps can change with an animal’s experience and training only at early ages.
    C. Plasticity of cortical maps is found in only a few mammals.
    D. Plasticity of cortical maps may arise from changes in the strength of existing synapses or the formation or loss of synapses.

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  1. Evidence indicates that:
    A. Social hurt activates different regions of the brain
    B. Only extreme emotional sadness activates pain centers in the brain
    C. Social hurt and physical pain activate the same regions of the brain
    D. Social rejection affects different brain centers than physical pain and is alleviated by placebos

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  1. The evolutionary advantage of sensory adaptation is that it:
    A. Prevents the nervous system from being overwhelmed by stimuli that offer very little news about the world
    B. Allows the human brain to reassign sensory cortex if a limb is lost
    C. Prevents fatigue of sensory receptors
    D. Allows people to attend to the constant excitation of the hairs on the skin by clothing

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  1. Which region is involved in pain control circuits of the brainstem?
    A. Cingulate cortex
    B. Thalamus
    C. Dorsal horn of the spinal cord
    D. Periaqueductal gray