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PSA on River Raisin, Monroe County Michigan (Area of Concern) AOC Environmental Health Issue

The video should be approximately 1 minute in which you present the findings from your AOC Case Study Brief through and encourage people to take action. The audience should be the general public and your content should be specific to your audience. You can make the video in any platform that is convenient and in any manner that you’d like. I encourage you to be creative and to have fun with this. The most effective PSAs are enjoyable to watch.

Download and review at least two Tox FAQs from ATSDR’s Tox Portal that highlight at least two contaminants of concern in your AOC .

  • Create at least two Infographics (e.g. use or other free format) from e.g. ToxFAQs that describe your two contaminants of concern
  • Include the environmental laws that pertain to regulating these contaminants and protecting public health in your PSA and in your AOC Brief (see Week 1 rubric for AOC Brief)
  • Include your Infographics in your PSA

Exampl PSA:

IF you cannot do this please do not bid!