protfolio reflective letter

Portfolio reflective letter

Here are the guide of PRL and the sample of it. This sample reflective letter is also the “A WRITER’S REFRENCE C4 pps 36-41” which list on the 3rd line of the guide paper. Total 800-1000 words. I will give you some information that could let you know more about me and this class.

Here is the information about this class. This is university writing class. Our class’ main topic is “Food”. We need to decide a self topic for this class, My self topic is Impact of vegetarianism on climate change. We have three writings in this quarter. It is proposal, Annotated Bibliography and final research paper. We have 3 class books totally. One is class book, it collect many good readings about Food. We need to read 6 readings in it every week. The rest of books are A Writer’s Reference and The Craft of Research. They are the books that teach you how to write the right MLA essay (main claim, sub claim, topic sentences, etc).

Here are the answers that asked in the second document.

* My best piece of writing is the second essay– it is an Annotated Bibliography paper. I only get “C-” grade but better than the first writing ( it just a “F”)

*You can write anything for this question.

*My school has Writing Hub program. That is a writing help club with volunteer students. I went there 4 times for help. You can add something for this question.

* GOOGLE SCHOLARSHIP ? You can write something else.

*Write something by your self.


*In our class, after each paper’s draft finished. We will write peer editing for classmates’ essay. Change our ideas for others. Learned a lot from this. We have 2 meetings with professor this quarter. Talk with professor with the idea about the essay. It also helps me.

Here are my self information. It could be useful for you. I am an international student. This is my first quarter in college. My writing skills are not good. This class helps me a lot. another useful things I learned is how to search useful citation and how to write thesis. You can write something more around these two parts. You can also talk about how hardworking I am because this class is really difficult for me.