protein drinks

Nutrition for Sports Performance

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Graduate level writing

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Title: Protein Drinks

This week you are learning about the macronutrients, protein, carbohydrate, and fat. These are essential macronutrients that many athletes focus on.

Find a protein supplement

Use this one:

Locate the list of ingredients and nutrition label on the package. You will need this for your forum post.

In the Forum:

List the ingredients and tell the class the functional/physical property of each ingredient. In other words, what that ingredient contributes to the product. You can ask yourself, why did the manufacturer add this ingredient? What does it contribute to the product (functional property)? Don’t confuse functional property with nutritional/health property. For example, one of the ingredients in CytoSport Muscle Milk Chocolate Protein Supplement Powder is fructooligosaccharides. This contributes sweetness to the product. There are several resources you can use to find the function of the ingredients.

Again, be very careful that you tell us the functional properties, not the health properties, of the ingredient.

Include a bibliography of your information sources.

Tell the class about the nutrition information, for example:

How many calories per serving?

How many calories are from protein, fat, and carbohydrate?

Does it contain any other vitamins or minerals?

Evaluate the product. Would you use it? Why or why not?


Natural Medicines Database which you can find in the library under databases (a fantastic resource!)