Project Plan: Construction of pedestrian Bridges across Brisbane River –

Project Plan: Construction of pedestrian Bridges across Brisbane River
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Assignment Type: Project Plan Learning Objectives Task Description: you will be required to prepare a project plan and schedule using the knowledge gained from the course and applying appropriate aspects to MS Project software. A scenario will be provided during class lectures that will form the basis of the assessment. Details of the assessment, including structure, format, document length and marking criteria is attached to this eCP and will also will be provided to you during the first weekend lecture. You will also be asked to construct a risk register for the current activity. Finally, you are then required to “crash” the project by changing methods or adding additional resources to reduce the overal time of construction by at least 5 per cent. See the Assignment Brief (attached) for further details and assessment criteria. Clearly articulated and valid project plan and schedule with the following elements: • Introduction, • Purpose and scope, • Goals and objectives, • Assumptions, • Project plan approach, • WBS, • Resource management, • Project timeline, • Project budget, • Risk management, • Discussion, and • Conclusion. Please check the attached assignment detail file and attached Assignment specifications file. there are other files for the proposed project I suggested. please make sure to follow all the procedure. Please check the details