project of flashbulb memory

  • Write a flashbulb memory event in detailed with also a explanation of flashbulb memory at the end.
  • Complete narrative summary of the events with supporting, relevant details.
  • Analysis of Flashbulb Memories: concept, description, accuracy, plus 2 sources cited.
  • Inclusion of 2 appropriate and relevant photos with captions and 2 sources cited.
  • Careful edits and revision of conventions (spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization)
  • Incorporated in your narrative of the event should be details on the six kinds of information found in flashbulb memories:1. Your location when you experienced the news or the event2. The ongoing event that was interrupted by the news (or if it was a personal event,what was happening right before?)3. The person who gave you the news or others who were there4. Your own feelings at experiencing the news or event5. The emotions of others around you6. The aftermath : how were you affected by the news or experience
  • EXPLANATION & ANALYSIS: Conclude the assignment with a substantial explanation and analysis of flashbulb memories. Do some outside research and include at least 2 credible sources.
    1. What is flashbulb memory?
    2. Why do we have flashbulb memories?
    3. What happens in our brains when these memories are formed?
    4. How accurate are they?
    5. What should we remember when people recall flashbulb memories?
    6. Be sure to use the flashbulb memories you gathered as examples.