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This Individual Student Profile contains your philosophy of learning and professional goals statements (3-5), which will state your intent as a graduate professional. For each goal statement, you will describe how the goal translates into actions you intend to use in your professional setting.
A personal philosophy of learning is an internal inventory of what you believe about learning and why, for yourself and for others. A philosophy is expressed outwardly through decisions which are often expressed in goals. (See Appendix A in your Capstone Experience Handbook for an example.)
Your Individual Student Profile will serve as a baseline for your final self-assessment of your professional growth and competency in your final Capstone Experience Paper. You will submit your profile in this course.
Follow the outline to complete your Individual Student Profile.
Individual Student Profile Outline and Guidelines
I. Title Page
a. Use running header, title, author’s name, author’s institution.
II. Introduction
a. All-encompassing thesis statement is either the first sentence or the last sentence in the first paragraph.
III. Body
a. Use APA (6th edition) accurately leveled headings.
IV. Conclusion
NOTE: For your overall paper, include a running header on each page after the title page. This running header differs from the running header on the title page. Check APA (6th edition) for the formatting on the title page running header and the other pages of the paper.
My goal for my graduate program is to becoming a better educator and as a mother of 2 becoming a better teacher will not only help me teach my students but my kids. what i believe is to become a better teacher and take the methods i learned in this course for my teachings I strong believe that we should be better educators and make sure our students get a good education.