primary source analysis assignment the truman doctrine 1947

Your goal is to answer all questions at the bottom about “The Truman Doctrine”

Secondary source:


Answer the following questions. (Do not write an essay. Simply type 1. and type your answer. 2. Type the answer, and so forth. Double Space

  1. What, exactly, is the primary source? Describe it with one sentence and provide the full citation, including the author, title, date it was created, and what chapter it was in.
  2. Who was the person(s) who made the primary source? (about ¾ to one page)

Research facts about the AUTHOR(s) of the source to help you understand the purpose of the document. This research will help you to understand the details in the document. You can do a little research on line at reliable websites, or use your SECONDARY sources. Be sure to site your sources. If you don’t know the who the author is, then find another source.

  1. What facts about the TOPIC of your primary source give you the background to understand the purpose, or goal, of the document and details in the document? . (about 1.5 to 2 pages).
    1. You MUST use your textbook and your SECONDARY source to answer this question
    2. You can use any other sources you like, as long as they are scholarly and you site them. For example, if your topic is the creation of the NAACP, and you found a source about the first meetings in 1909, then you can discuss a bit about the people who were at that meeting and what they set out to accomplish.
  1. Why was your source created, and what was the author’s original purpose or goal for creating the primary source?

To answer this, provide a variety of SPECIFIC DETAILS and quotes in the document that support the author’s purpose or thesis. Explain WHY these details and examples support the author’s purpose in the source. You can also use your secondary sources about the author and topic. The more details you use, the better the grade. (about ½-1 page)

  1. Prepare two or more paragraphs explaining how the document relates to the chapter in American YAWP —how it helps you understand the themes found in the chapter, and how it relates to some particular details in the You can also use lecture for that topic, if appropriate. Use at minimum four examples from the chapter and at minimum four examples from your source. The more details you use, the better the grade.
  2. Provide a complete citation of the secondary sources you used.