presentation on project 1

During the penultimate week of the semester, interested students can present their website term projects to the class for extra credit. Students can earn up to 20 bonus points depending on the quality of the presentation, and the effort put forth to present it.

To obtain the extra credit, students must present the various design concepts that they used to create their websites and why. Talking points should include but are not limited to:

  • Why the site topic was chosen
  • Why the layout style was chosen
  • Why the color scheme was chosen
  • How the content reinforces the site topic
  • The most fun aspect of designing the site
  • The least fun aspect of designing the site
  • Any future plans for the site or web development projects
  • Other interesting aspects of the site’s creation

Presentation need to be between 5-10 minutes in length. Powerpoint slides can be used to present, or you can pull up your site on the projector and work through each page to explain your answers for the above questions.

If you’re in a fully online version of the course, you will have to either record your screen and mic input while you explain your site in a video, or you can create a PowerPoint slide deck that breaks down your site. The slide deck would either need audio for each slide to explain them, or the Notes section filled out with your speaking points.( Don’t worry about audio)

These slide decks would need to be submitted in Blackboard under Unit 15 using the Assignment link.