pre essay quot analysis the use of place in collodi s pinocchio novel quot

answer this questions from the story and write exsample for every questions from the story ( write the chapter number and page number for every example

one paragraph for each questions

a) To what extent is landscape an aid or obstacle in the protagonist’s journey?

b) What are the different kinds of landscapes represented in the novel?

c) To what degree are landscape bounded? Wild? Inviting? Dangerous? Useful? Romantic?

d) What importance does each landscape have to the main characters?

e) How are power relationships portrayed through interactions with landscapes?

f) Who controls the landscapes (if anyone?)

g) What ideals of landscapes are presented in the novel? That is, what marks a positive’ landscape?

h) How does the author use descriptions to evoke an imagined, invisible or lost world?

i) How does the novel incorporate spatial perspective, considering the size of the character through who eye we see the landscapes?