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Pop Culture: The Culture of Everyday Life(2009) by Shirley Fedora
Book reviews consist of the following three components: 1) a summary of the book; 2) an indication of the strengths and weaknesses of the book; and 3) the contribution the book makes to anthropology. Book reviews provide an informed critique of a book and are designed to inform potential readers of its content.
Paper/20 -Summary: /4
-Provide a concise summary of the book (2-3 pages) 0=unsatisfactory, no summary
1=less than satisfactory, partial summary 2-3=satisfactory summary, general overview of the text 4=effective, clear and concise summary
-Evaluation (strengths, weaknesses): /8
-What did you find to be the strengths and weaknesses of this book? (2-3 pages)
0-2=little to no engagement, e.g. “it was a good book”, 0.5 pages or less
2-4=some engagement, e.g. “the book was well-written, it provided good examples” 0.5-1pages
4-6=adequate engagement, e.g. 2-3 points made, 1-2 pages
6-8=effective evaluation, e.g. 3-4 or more points made, 2-3 pages -Contribution to anthropology: /4
-In the context of this course and your acquired knowledge of anthropology, what is your assessment of the contribution this book makes to anthropology? (1 page)
0-1=unsatisfactory, no information on contribution 2-3=satisfactory evaluation of contribution, 1 point made, 0.5 pages 3-4=strong evaluation of contribution, 2-3 points made, 1 page
-Style and Organization: /4
-Consistency of formatting style, grammar, spelling, introduction, conclusion
1=significant spelling errors, improper citations, difficult to read, poor introduction and conclusion
2=some spelling errors, somewhat difficult to read, poor or somewhat poor introduction and conclusion
3=a few spelling errors, adequate ease of reading, adequate introduction and conclusion
4=no spelling errors, good flow, good introduction and conclusion