policy analysis 19

Policy Analysis

Using an existing homeland security-related policy, present a four- to six-page executive briefing presenting the legal basis for the policy. The format should comply with APA (6th) using the executive briefing template. An executive briefing is a different style of paper than many are used to developing. The audience of an executive briefing or paper is a senior leader of an organization. They generally do not have time or the requirement to delve into the level of details that a traditional research paper provides. Instead the challenge of an executive paper is to decide what information is and is not relevant to the audience. The page count is a hard rule on this project. Please feel free to submit drafts to me via email and I will be happy to provide feedback.

Per the Writing Center, the APA manual does not provide specific guidelines for an executive summary (or brief). The same citation and manuscript formatting guidelines apply to an executive summary as to any other academic paper. The Writing Center offers a lesson on executive summaries that students may find helpful: http://polaris.umuc. edu/ewc/web/exec_summary.html

Please let me know if this information is helpful.

Grades are based on the following:

  • Identification of the legal basis for the policy
  • Fully performing the task assigned
  • Offering creative and/or critical opinions
  • Expressing yourself clearly and concisely
  • Forming logical arguments and conclusions
  • Use of the executive briefing template
  • Grammar and compliance to APA (6th)

In an effort to spur some thought on potential topics for your policy analysis, I have developed a list of potential topics for your usage. The list of resources can be located at the bottom of the Discussion Tab. There is not a requirement to choose a topic from the list. It is simply a tool to assist with your thought process. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to assist your efforts. I challenge all students to choose topics that are outside your comfort zones.