poetry analysis of quot invictus quot

We will talk about William Earnest Henley’s poem “Invictus”. For our final assignment, I would like you to write a brief, more formal analysis of this poem:

  • Find one source related to the meaning of the song “Invictus” that you can use in the paper. This source should be from NCLive, NOT a website.
  • Find one source related to William Earnest Henley’s life or other poetry that you can use in the paper.
  • Write a three-page paper answering ONE of the following questions, using specific examples from EACH STANZA to support the answer. Be sure to properly cite your two sources in MLA8 style:
  • What is the major theme of “Invictus” and how does the poet use figurative language to develop it in each stanza?
  • How does the poem speak to all people, regardless of gender identity?
  • This poem was written a long time ago, but how does it speak to people today? How does it speak to you?
  • There is a movie starring Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman with the title “Invictus.” The poem of the same name plays an important symbolic role in the movie. What is that role? Be sure to refer to specific lines from each stanza of the poem when answering the question.
  • Do you agree or disagree that you are the “master of your fate” and the “captain of your soul”? Explain your answer using specific details from the poem to back up your opinion.
  • The paper should not be purely biographical or a simple paraphrase. ANALYZE FOR A PURPOSE!
  • In addition, you will need to use a minimum of five poetry terms from the poetry list and incorporate them into your analysis. You should NOT simply include terms and definitions at the end of the essay. Rather, you should incorporate the terms naturally in the body of the paper.