please write a paper with the following topic quot environmental apocalypse or ecologism the beginning of a new era quot

Please write a paper with the following topic: “Environmental Apocalypse or Ecologism: the Beginning of a New Era”.

“Ecologism”: a new worldview that centers on sustainable development in a society that recognizes the importance of an intact ecosystem for the survival of our civilization.

Keep in mind that the title constitutes a question and offers two possible answers. Please think about the title, the question and the possible answers. Deal with both possible answers! See what you would expect to read in a paper with this title. Then write the paper. You have the freedom to come up with whatever you think is relevant for this topic. I expect the papers to be very different from each other. I do not care as much about right answers as about you developing your own ideas and thoughts.

The question obviously relates to the “Lifecycles of Civilizations” we dealt with at the end of the semester. The question is, if our civilization (USA or global, up to you) is facing an environmental apocalypse? In which stage of the lifecycle in relation to environmental issues do you see us? If you see us in stage 3 or 4, do you see a new worldview/paradigm developing which will enable us to start a new lifecycle? (remember the graph) How so? Does this new world view “Ecologism” enable us to avoid the apocalypse? Do you see signs for that worldview developing, if yes is it maybe developing too slow, too little, too late? Is there maybe not any apocalypse coming up at all?

I expect you to

  1. do quality research and proper citations (check the “citation link”). However, I do not care which citation style you choose! Wikipedia is NOT a valid academic source to cite!
  2. analyze and critically evaluate your research outcome
  3. develop your own thoughts
  4. write a structured paper.