please fix the drafts based on the comments

The first part of this paper which is “sentencing” was corrected and sent back to me to fix. The things to fix are as listed:

1. Fix the cover page. The beginning of your essay is starting on that page.

2. Include the iBook on the reference page. Do not bold references or include a colon. Also, The first line in the reference is not indented. All other lines (second, third) in each reference are indented.

3. Include all the page numbers the procedure/issue is discussed in the Cotton book next to the procedure/issue in the title: Sentencing ( ).

4. Make sure each procedure/issue is at least 3 full pages.

5. Include the Cotton pages in every paragraph you discuss the facts (starting with the first paragraph). It should not only be for quotes.

6. Your discussion is more about the evidence during trial and not about the sentencing process. Change the title from “Sentencing” to “Evidence in trial.”You did an excellent job explaining which evidence should have been admitted in trial (Ms. Reynold’s failure to identify the rapist, Kenny and Denis Bass testimony about Poole confessing to them) and which evidence should not have been admitted in trial (Jail cellmate’s testimony).

7. You need to use another source besides the Cotton Book. Since you did not go on the class trip or ridealong, you can use the iBook or outside research. Discuss the importance of evidence in a trial or how judges determine whether to include or exclude evidence in a trial.

8. This class was all about the 3 components of the criminal justice system: police, courts, and corrections. I want to make sure you know that all 3 components have different jobs to do, but they are all connected to the criminal justice system. You discussed police and courts. Make sure you also address corrections. (After the police and court failed Cotton, he was sentenced to prison. Corrections is responsible for running the prisons.)

9. The conclusion is not a typical conclusion where you wrap up your discussion. I want something extra. It can be an opinion or a reflection about the issue/procedure you just examined or it can be more general about anything you learned in the class that you didn’t know before or what specifically you liked (or didn’t like) in the iBook. These are your points on the rubric: a. 3 b. 5 c. 5 d. 5 e. 0 f. 5 g. 3.5 h. 0 i. 0 j. 3.5 Total points = 30 (60) D

The file that is titled completed is the one that you did for me.

Please make the changes to the first topic which is “sentencing” and make sure that the 2nd topic follows the same instructions.

In the end of each topic. End with a conclusion that states your personal opinion tying the book to your real life.

Also, for references. You must add an outside source