please answer these questions based on the material in chapters 10 and 12 20 each question is worth 20 points

1. Suppose you are negotiating the salary for a new job offer, and your potential employer mentions that they have another candidate who is willing to accept less money than you request. Based on the discussion in our textbook, how should you respond to this information?

2. For the product or service your team developed for Residency Project #1, please devise a price discrimination scheme intended to increase total sales revenue. Some groups considered price discrimination during their presentations, so your response to this question should offer another form of price discrimination for this product. In particular, you should describe the type of price discrimination to be used as well as the types of customers who will pay higher or lower prices. As well, you should consider the potential for resale among customers. Please note that this is NOT a group project — you should conduct this analysis by yourself and provide your own unique response to the question.

3. started as a traditional auction site in which the bidding on an item lasted a specified amount of time, and the highest bid at the closing time was the winner. Most items on are now posted with a set purchase price for the item, and any buyer who is willing to pay that price can purchase the item immediately. However, some items are still sold by auction (e.g., art works and other collectibles), and one piece of information provided for an auction is the number of existing bids. Based on the discussion of auctions in the book, what is the expected impact of the number of bidders on the sales price for an item? Should you adjust your bid as the number of bidders increases?

4. For the market or industry you wrote about for Residency Project #2, please describe a situation in which adverse selection or moral hazard arises in this business. Then, you should describe the way that this asymmetric information problem is commonly resolved in this market.

For question 2 and 4 I am attaching file for reference, all i need one page for each question.