Phyllis Young


What do we know about global warming? What may be the impacts of global climate change? These issues will be addressed in this assignment. First go to the following E.P.A. website read this page. Second investigate the impacts of global climate change by going to the website This site includes links discussing the impacts of global warming on Health, Agriculture and Food Supply, Polar Regions, Forests, Ecosystems and Biodiversity, Coastal Zones and Sea Level, Adaptation, etc. Write an essay discussing details of the possible effects of global warming on at least three of these areas.


  • 1 or more pages in length not counting the title header or literature cited
  • One-inch margins
  • Times New Roman 10-point font
  • Double-spaced lines
  • Standard style formatting of your choice (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)
  • Include all references used. (these can be your text, other books, online sources, etc.)
  • Word document format: MS Word 2003(.doc), MS Word 2007(.docx) or rich text format (.rtf)
  • Each paper should be completed and submitted to the appropriate folder in the Dropbox.

Grading Criteria:

Papers will be assessed according to the basis of completeness, correct spelling, neatness and following guidelines. (Please see Rubrics area of course for further details.)