Pet Boarding Customer Database –

Pet Boarding Customer Database
Business Need:
• Keep track of client and pet information and needs
• Keep records of past history of pets/clients. (Have they been here before, was the pet groomed last time)
• Integrate pet medical records to help keep pets need met.
• Show insurance of client. (Client’s insurance info/ Pet Insurance?)
• Show incidents of pets and clients. (shots, sicknesses, medicine)
• Avg. schedule time for pet grooming and boarding.
• Have a notices of the behavior of the pet. (Snippy, doesn’t like other pets, etc)
• Business address and services.
We will make an application, this application will be designed to keep track of records or old and new clients by upgrading from a manual system to an computer based system. Through the upgrade it will help organize medical records of pets, behavior of pets, medicines, allergies etc. Through the use of an implemented database to automate tracking of business, clients, and pets needs.
Expected Value:
• Increased client satisfaction by meeting and exceeding the customer’s and pet’s needs.
• Enhanced optimization of current customer filling system.
• Better understanding of the behavior of the pets being boarded.
• Make appointments more timely for pets and customers.
-app will let customers access information of Clinic’s database via their account.
-Employees will have be able to add, modify, delete data from database.
-The Clinic will be adding a Wireless Network to communicate with employee desktops and a public WiFi for customers to access their accounts.
-Customers will consent to the policies of the clinic when they create their account.
-Developers of the app will help maintain, repair, and better the app as needed.
Project Scope:
This software system will be online and somewhat automated for employees and customers to make it customer-friendly and easy to navigate. This app will be designed to maximize the efficiency of each employees service to all customers they come in contact with. For employees it will keep track of each customer and their pet(s), listing vital information that applies to each visit. Employees will have an automated system to remind customers and remind them about the customers and pets.
The customer will receive reminders of each appointment and what they need to bring and the purpose of the visit. Customers can add a comment such as, my dog is very rowdy today or not feeling well. They could then cancel the appointment and schedule a new one. This notification will be directly pulled up on the computers of each employee in the clinic or at least the Human Resource employee of the clinic.
As discussed, we are designing this software for windows computers and will be compatible with Android and Apple mobile devices. This will be integrated into the clinics database to store all the information needed about the customer and pet. It can be easily accessed to by the employee to remind and advise how to treat the customer’s needs as well as the pet’s needs. It is expected to greatly improve the customer’s experience so they feel at home.
Product Perspective:
The existing devices (PC’s) do not share information with one another. This system would allow for information to be shared between them as well as being able to store customer information to a database. This would allow the user to see and change the information from one device and have it show up on other devices (checking in, setting up appointments, etc). The system would also allow the user to interact with information from the database (add customers, edit and update past customer info, etc).
The customers would also be able to interact with the system through a website owned by the business and a mobile application. This website would allow the customer to create an account with the business and give them their information (insurance and medical info for the pet(s), what kind of pet(s) they would bring, pictures of the pet(s), etc). The website, as well as the app, would allow the customer to schedule and cancel reservations for their pets, along with reminding them what to bring with them (medicine, food, etc).
Product Features:
Business side features,
• The product will include next or current appointment for day and time.
o Employee will be able to add new or change existing appointment(s) and be able to schedule appointments in advance up to two months out.
o Ability to add multiple pets to one grooming or boarding visit.
• Owner information/pet information
o Employee will be able to enter information pertinent to owner and about their pet(s)
• Reason for visit such as grooming or boarding for pet
o Employee will be able to comment on reason for visit
• Type of pet: dog, cat, bird, snake etc.
o Able to add description of pet(s)
• Comments about client’s pet for each visit to the clinic, such as pet is not feeling well, aggressive toward others or animals, easily stressed etc.
• Specifics about possible medications the pet may need or is taking and possible allergies to foods, medications.
• Kennel number and location.
• Times of how long between pet feeding, walking, and overall well being of the pet
• A tablet for the staff to use while taking care of the needs of pets during their stay, whether long term or daily.
From the client side,
• App that the client can access their account from anywhere to verify appointment information
Design and Implementation Constraints
The software is constrained to the interfaces of both Mobile and desktop. The interfaces maybe result different to the user. The design may even seem different when using Android or Apple.
The Internet is also a constraint for the application. Since the application fetches data from the database over the Internet, it is crucial that there is an Internet connection for the application to function.
Both the web portal and the mobile application will be constrained by the information the database holds. All appointments, customer, and pet information will be stored in the database.