Persuassive essay –

Persuassive essay
Reading Reflection Week 5:
Read and reflect upon “The Public Overwhelmingly Wants It: Why is Taxing the Rich So Hard?” Alyssa Battistoni in your Reading Reflection this week. This essay serves a good model of a persuasive essay that integrates sources and citations in order to support argument points.
Write 1–2 reflective paragraphs in which you discuss Battistoni’s essay and how the MyWritingLab exercises you completed contributed to or influenced your writing process this week as you began thinking about using sources in Assignment 1. Don’t forget to include the following elements in your reply:
Summarize the structure/content of the text and identify the author’s writing style.
Explain how Battistoni’s essay might influence your own thoughts on finding sources and using sources to support your argument points; how Battistoni’s essay might inform your process for Assignment 1 this week.
In addition to discussing the structure and style of the essay you selected, you may also choose to discuss how all or any of the MyWritingLab exercises (Assignment 2) influenced your writing this week.