persuasive essay assignment

Persuasive Essay Assignment

Please write a five-and-a-half to six page persuasive essay arguing for or against a topic, chosen from the provided list, that is currently being politically debated in the United States.


  • An introduction with general information about your topic, the different sides of the issue, and a thesis statement directly stating the side you will argue and why.
  • The history, context, explanation, and significance of this topic.
  • Provide an explanation of the side of the debate you are arguing for, which you should be arguing throughout the essay.
  • Provide a fair and balanced explanation of the opposing argument.
  • Why the side you are arguing for is correct. When arguing against the opposing view, rebut the strength of the argument rather than attack the character of those who argue that position.
  • A conclusion restating the main points of your essay and also possibly proposing possibilities for future policy.

Please make appeals to logic, ethics, and emotions, but be careful not to get overly emotional when arguing for your topic or against the opposing view.

You must properly incorporate quotations from at least two, but no more than five, credible sources selected from the list of approved sources. You must include a Works Cited page, which will not count toward the five to six pages requirement, that documents both the sources you directly cite within the text of your essay, and also any other sources you used to gather information. Important: sites such as Wikipedia and are not acceptable sources.

This essay must be written in third person.

Your essay must be typed, double-spaced, with Times New Roman 12-point font, page numbers, and one-inch margins on all sides. Format according to MLA standards, including a left margin heading, and give the essay an appropriate title.