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Topic: personal statement about business school
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applying to the University of Melbourne
Master of Management (Finance) and
Master of Management (Marketing) and
Master of International Business
provide a personal statement of no more than 500 words. The statement should describe your personal motivation to undertake further study and can include details of your personal circumstances as well as your life and work experiences. It should emphasis any aspect of your personal history that may enhance your application, including extracurricular activity, community involvement, relevant personal characteristics and any outstanding achievements.
self reflection needs to respond to all of the following 4 questions.
1) What do you feel that the strengths of the presentation were? Please provide specific examples
2) If you were to do your presentation again what would you change?
3) Why would you change it?
4) What would you change it to?
The self-review should be 500 words in length.
You do not need to include references here in Task-2.