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Topic: Performance Management & Rewards
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identify the issues raised in the case study and state in your report why you believe, from the information provided in the case, they exist. In particular, the impact of such for performance management and remuneration systems on productivity and on employee quality of work must also be identified.
Alternately, you can analyse the issues relating to the recent or proposed introduction or change to existing performance management and pay in an industry or sector of the economy.
In this case you will examine and assess the views of relevant parties such as employers, government, unions and academic policy analysts. Such assessment will take into account the productivity and job satisfaction outcomes.
you are to decide the actions required to address the cause/s of any problems identified by the performance management and remuneration system studied and to suggest changes to remedy the problems.
You are to use literature to support your claims concerning possible causes and the actions/recommended remuneration plan you present.
Briefly summarise what you learned from the literature about the issues raised, the possible causes and the actions you are recommending be taken as they relate to the organisation in which the case study is set. (Consider economic environment, industry, organisation size, etc.) You should use a minimum of eight (8) refereed journal articles to support your recommendations/actions . You may use other sources, such as the textbook, government or other authoritative sources, however the main support for your actions should come from the refereed literature.
Why were each of your references – refereed and others – used? Make it clear to the reader that these were relevant and authoritative sources.
How do you justify their value and strength of authority to support your issue identification/gap analysis and recommended actions?
• What actions, based on your literature review, would your group take to address the issues in your case, and how would you go about taking that action?
• Why would you go about it this way?
• What are your actions designed to achieve?
• In what sequence and what timeframe? Why?
Remember to support your plan/actions with reliable literature.
Check – have you used your literature to support your recommended actions in relation to the industry in which your case study organisation operates, its markets, size and culture, to the extent that this is obvious from the case? (In other words: How have you used this exercise to develop your professional skills of applying research findings and knowledge to address the specific needs of your employing organisation, given its competitive environment, size and culture.)
Suitable headings are to be used and grammar, spelling and overall presentation should be of a standard useable in the workplace. Remember, poor expression may result in reduced marks in every section of this report because poor expression means your message will not be communicated to the reader.