part of case study in 2 slids

My course name is Production & Operations Management

I have a group project, a case study for Ebag

My part is

Design of Goods and Services

Ramifications for Case

  • Website Design
    • Shoe Products: How will eBags modify website to showcase new shoe product to consumers?
    • European Market: What considerations will eBags need to make for their website in the European market? Language? Location Cultural considerations? Currency / Payment?


i need this cover it in two slides, also insert notes to Presentation it.

This is my professor question

You will be graded on a scheme similar to what is being used for the individual paper.One significant difference is that 20% of your grade is based on your performance as a board member during other groups’ presentations.

Identification of Operations Issues (15%)

Identify operations issues that we have discussed during the course of the semester that the company in your case is facing.

Analysis and Evaluation of OM Issues (25%)

Discuss how the identified issues are affecting the company and what options the company has to address the issues from an operations perspective.

Recommendations – Application of theory & analysis and utilizing OM Strategies (35%)

Provide clear and actionable recommendations for how the company should address the issues facing them.These recommendations should be based in OM strategies that we have discussed during the course of the semester.

Form and Presentation (5%)

Your presentation should be organized in a clear and professional manner.

Performance as a Board Member (20%)

Your group will also make up “The Board” of one of the other cases.As a Board Member for the other team’s presentations, you should be asking questions that show a thorough understanding of the case at hand and the OM issues facing the company.

Finally: Do NOT Summarize – Analyze!