paradigm shifts

In his book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, philosopher Thomas Kuhn argues that breakthrough advancements in science often occur within the context of what he called “paradigm shifts,” where one predominant way of thinking is displaced by another new way of thinking.

One such example of a paradigm shift can be found in our reading for this week, in which the germ theory of disease displaced the miasma theory of disease. For your assignment this week, you will write about paradigm shifts as they pertain to the idea or innovation you chose in Week 1.

Begin by researching the idea or innovation that you chose in Week 1. Focus specifically on how that idea or innovation lead to significant changes in the way that we see or do things. You will then write an essay explaining the nature of the paradigm shift.

Paragraph one should be a summary of the status quo prior to the advent of your chosen idea or innovation.

Paragraph two should explain how your chosen idea or innovation can challenge the status quo.

Paragraph three should introduce your chose idea or innovation and how it is superior to the prevailing way of thinking.

Paragraph four should apply your idea or innovation to a problem that needs to be solved.

Finally, paragraph five should summarize your findings. You should include an analysis on future lessons to be learned from this hypothesized paradigm shift.

Your essay must be written following APA Guidelines. It should be 2-3 pages in length, not including your title page and references.