paper paper 17

Section 1: Interview questions

Name of Organization

Years of Formal Education

Present Title & Years in the Workforce

Years in Management

Years with Present Organization

Number of Subordinates

Career Progression

Section 2 – information gathered during the interview (report in “Question & Answer” format or in paragraph/summary form, if you have chosen the “written” option). 3-4 pgs

(Choose some Q’s to reach 3-4 pgs)

What makes a good manager (skills, traits, etc.)?

Do your past work experiences impact your managerial style?

Has your managerial style changed over time? If so how?

What do you find to be the most rewarding part of your job?

What are the toughest components of being a manager?

Was it your goal to be a manager or did the opportunity come about as a result of a previous position?

What characteristics do you value in hiring employees?

Section 3: What are your key “learning points” from this experience.