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Organisation Development
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Dear writer
Thanks for your effort. I reviewed the paper with the assessor and came with some elements of enhancement or amendment needed. It is not criticism, and effort is appreciated , however it is more about matching the CIPD criteria to get the pass mark. I do believe it is better keep with the same writer rather than make whole new assignment. Keep consistency and thoughts together.
In addition to the attachments – please go through it – which focus on analysis and critical evaluation of the issue ,please refer to it as these criteria and learning outcomes are crucial and essentially need to be determined and found within the paper.
In the beginning need to talk about the issue. Assuming the employees are not delivering into the required standards not from quality point of view not from timeline measures.
How it was captured? By customers complaining and or by quality assurance reps, customer surveys?
Need to demonstrate gathering data of the issue and analysis been applied.
Why we selected PA system , why not another solution. For example employee survey mentions that they would perform better if suitable PA system is in place. Maybe supported with a reference or module or book?
What strategy would be followed. Especially in the change management strategies. To change from current culture into the new, more productivity and better performance culture and behaviours.
Evaluation of org culture norms and behaviours.
Making something up is OK as long it demonstrate and meet the learning outcomes and remarks mentioned in the attachments and above.
Assignment 3
Organisation Development
Assessment Brief
Identify, describe and critically analyse an organisational development project that your organisation has recently undergone, or is currently undertaking.
In your 3000 word report, please discuss the following:
1. The nature and scope of the OD project that your organisation has recently undergone
2. How the focus, method and process of the OD intervention was chosen
3. The role of senior management in the intervention, as well as other organisational staffing levels
4. The extent to which the organisation has fostered an environment (culture and climate) conducive for change
5. The application of theoretical models chosen for organisational development improvement
6. How the organisation development project plans to select, collect and make appropriate use of data at both the diagnostic stages and as a means of monitoring progress and evaluating outcomes
7. How effectively the OD intervention is being planned, monitored and controlled for both short-term and long-term implementation, and how benefit realisation is to be monitored
8. The most appropriate people to sustain internal organisational development over the longer period, including the role of HR
This assignment covers the following learning outcomes:
Learning outcome 4
Understand, analyse and critically evaluate the methods and procedures of organisation development and a review their strategic impact.
Learning outcome 5
Understand, analyse and critically evaluate possible change management strategies and activities through the application of organisation development strategies, which might support organisation design and realignment outcomes.
Learning outcome 6
Understand, analyse and critically evaluate organisation culture, norms and behaviours.
Learning outcome 7
Understand, analyse and critically evaluate the importance of the HR role in advising on these design and development choices and supporting their implementation.
more references related to CIPD
or writer named naomi stanford, who has books about the org design and development, (especially book called organisation design – Engaging with change . and or Organisation development – A jossey bass reader (the jossey bass business and managment reader, they may be helpful and would be very great.