operational assessment

This is a Group project and my part is Only the first one (Determination of the current capacity and utilization of the restaurant.)

The place we choose is called YardHouse in Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

Your client is a private equity investor interested in acquiring a restaurant in the Palm Beach area for future placement in the market. They need the assistance and expertise of your firm to identify opportunities to improve their current operation.

The contracted scope of work under your firm’s responsibility includes the following elements:

  • Determination of the current capacity and utilization of the restaurant.
  • Layout evaluation of the dining room, the kitchen, and the waiting area.
  • Identification and characterization of the process adopted by the restaurant to prepare meals.
  • High-level mapping of core processes (meal preparation and customer service).

In this first phase your firm must prepare a report (1,200 words minimum)(400 each summarizing the information collected during the visits to the facility, covering every one of the scope elements listed above.

The core content of the document should be preceded by an introduction section describing the purpose of the project as well as the preliminary advice of your firm, relative to the possible acquisition of the asset. The last section should contain a list of recommendations for the next stages of the study.