one page paper 25

Various websites give excellent detail that compare business culture across countries. One excellent website is, where you can click on more than 100 countries and obtain a synopsis of a country’s business culture. After clicking on a country at that website, you may scroll down to reach the section titled “Business Etiquette and Protocol.” This exercise will expand your knowledge about how business culture varies across countries. Being knowledgeable of various countries’ business culture can make you a more effective manager and communicator with people and organizations globally. This knowledge is especially helpful for firms that desire to grow globally. There are about 190 different countries with different business cultures, creating many options. Business culture is an important variable in global expansion decisions.


Step 1 Go to Click on three countries located on different continents. Scroll down to the “Business Etiquette and Protocol” section of each country.

After researching business etiquette and protocol for three countries, list these details in a one-page paper as though you were apprising the managers at COCA-COLA the things they needed to know before setting up business in each of the three.

Please refer the attacehed case if needed.