nutrition plan for an athlete –

nutrition plan for an athlete
you will be designing a nutrition plan for an athlete including menu plans for each intensity-overload level of training. Specific focus on diet composition and nutrient timing of meals must be included. Specifically based on a 150b athlete.
Following an overall daily guidelines page, each menu plan for each workout overload level must include total energy, carbohydrate – total and fiber, protein, lipid – SFA, MUFA & PUFA levels and ratio along with n-3:n-6 PUFA ratio, sodium, potassium, calcium and iron levels. For pre-. during-, and post-exercise snack & meal, specific attention and breakdown of nutrient intake is required. For carbohydrate intake be sure to include specific saccharide form, GI etc., for protein be sure to include source, and also include the PRO:CHO ratio for each snack and meal.
A total of 6 menus are required, with two unique options for each overload/intensity level.
The format of the paper will be written as an overview – guide, menu plans, and literature support on selected guidelines. At the end of the paper be sure to include a methods section incorporating search engine use, search terms, inclusion and exclusion criteria of papers cited. Papers should be typed, double spaced and 15 to 20 pages in length – including menus and citations. Research support for specific nutrient guidelines must be included and .pdf copies of research articles must be turned in along with the final paper.
Limit your writing to pertinent material only. Please write in clear and concise scientific style. Separate pages can be used for diagrams or figures, however limit their use. All references need to be appropriately cited (APA, MLA or other with only number within text) and turned in electronically as a Word file with all citations attached in .PDF format with paper (include copies of only select pages from texts).